Commercial Litigation

“Our aim is to empower our clients. Because we know the pitfalls of litigation, we can assess a case realistically, drilling down into every issue.”
Simon Young - Partner, Commercial and Trust Litigation Specialist

When it comes to commercial litigation, experience is paramount. At Bois Bois, Simon Young is our partner who specialises in this area, with over fifteen years of local casework to his name.

With a reputation for punching above our weight, we are often involved in high profile cases, taking on large organisations and their legal teams. We believe that our success stems from the ability to hit hard, knowing exactly how and when to have the greatest impact.

As litigation specialists, we almost never have to worry about a potential conflict of interest with another practice area. We can get as tough as it takes and we are not afraid to stand up to people if we need to apply the pressure.

We will also take a step back if we feel a less aggressive approach is appropriate, and we are always open to discussing reasonable proposals, using our mediation skills to settle a matter outside of court. View our notable cases